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Caroline, Holland

London is een geweldige plek om Engels te leren, het Engelse leven te ontdekken en bovendien om vrienden uit allerlei culturen op te doen. Lingua London is een school die hun studenten Engels willen leren op een leuke manier.

In de klas doe je daarom veel activiteiten/spelletjes om de taal beter te leren en te begrijpen. Je hoeft je absoluut niet te schamen voor je Engels, iedereen is daar om Engels te leren! Daarnaast bied de school minstens één keer per week een sociaal programma aan. Hierbij moet je denken aan pub avonden, quiz avonden en aan het bezoeken van verschillende plekken in London. Gewoon op een ontspannen mannier met elkaar communiceren in de taal van de wereld. Doordat London zoveel dingen te bieden heeft hoef je je nooit te vervelen! Ik raad London dan ook aan om er Engels te leren. Je hebt gegarandeerd een leuke tijd en je doet een heleboel vakantieadressen op;)



Tanja, Germany

Studying English at Lingua Brighton was a great success! The school was really well chosen, and the classes were fun - not too difficult nor too easy! The most exciting experience for me were the discussions with students from other countries, as different worlds met here.

Despite the bad weather, I could see and learn a lot of new things. My host mother was very friendly and chatty, the food varied and was really good. It’s a pity that I only had two weeks in Brighton! Still now, I am impressed by the very fair price of the course and accommodation and I will certainly recommend linguaenglish. I’ll probably book another trip with lingua this summer, perhaps to Brighton again.



Enrica, Italy

My study holiday in Sliema was very pleasant, first of all because of the beauty of the landscape, due to the clear sea of an inconceivable light blue, and of the possibility of having long undisturbed walks. Noteworthy is the organization from the tourist point of view. You can have sightseeing bus tours or cruises to the near Gozo and Comino isles. Both of them consist like Malta of a characteristic rock whose strange yellow colour creates a particular atmosphere at each time of the day. The social environment is very welcoming and multiethnic, so you have the chance of meeting many different people and experiencing different kinds of linguistic exchange. The food and the way of life are English. The school is very well organized. The teachers are English mother tongue, but they can generally understand and speak more than one language. For example, I knew no English at all, but could benefit from some individual lessons with a teacher who knew the Italian language too. It was an experience I would love to repeat.


Antonio, Italy

These last years I’ve got in touch with more and more foreigners and I see that English learnt on the road presents some limits. For example, although your professional skills are good, you may have difficulties in asserting your credibility. We have to deal with a not really exciting collective image of our Country, we are seen as nice, funny people, but not always with a suitable competence level. Many times we Italians have an even higher competence than our colleagues from Countries like Germany or France, still we have to overcome our language difficulty if we want our reasons to be correctly understood. Linguaenglish helped me to find a cheap but excellent school in Dublin. I wanted a full immersion with mother tongue teachers prone to correct me in pronunciation and above all in sentence construction – learning on the road is not much of help for the latter. Well, at my age it was a bit like getting back to university. And that was the playful side of my experience: I came home with many new friends on Facebook – Spanish, Irish, Brasilian, Czech, Polish and of course Italian people. I experienced the great Irish hospitality and met lovely people. We spoke about Frank Mc Curt, Bono and Sinéad O’Connor and drank a lot of Guinness. The lessons went by with much talking while grammar remained in the background. I had two young but well prepared and very generous teachers. It was often my tiredness that put an end to discussions, not the clock. In short, a study holiday experience I recommend to everybody.


Michela, Italy

I was very sceptical about the price, which was "too" good. Well, in the end I went there (May-June) and I felt so at ease that I got back at the end of September for other two months and a half and this second time beyond attending the school I'd been working there as a secretary. It was a marvellous period because it's a wonderful environment and they were all very kind to me. They also persuaded me to try the IELTS exam, and I was afraid because I did not feel ready to take it. Instead teachers and students encouraged me and in the end I passed it with an excellent result.

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